Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What did we know?

We were 29 when we started our family.
And thought raising kids wasn't all that complicated.  
We did a good job producing healthy ones who were very much wished for.  
We had people tell us that they couldn't picture us as parents.  Why ever not?  We figured we could do at least as good a job as our own parents, and maybe a little more so..
 We've taken their safety and health seriously.  It has been as important to us as their education and making them feel loved.  Did we want them to have all that each of us did not have growing up?  Of course.
But those things aren't always material.
We initially counted on the support of friends and family, who gradually drew back to watch us from a distance.  It was lonely at times - we wanted to be part of the old gang and felt like we never could afford to go out - even if we did have time to do so, which we didn't.  
We didn't have babysitters or grandparents nearby.  
We formed our own family island.
We vowed that all of our kids, starting with our first sweet boy, would know what it means to have two parents united behind you, making you their top priority.
Firstborn, 1990

We thought we could be good at it - even if everyone else didn't.  
We felt that in our hearts, it was meant to be.
And now it seems it's been that way forever.

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