Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally, the chair project

I took advantage of a sunny and beautiful 66 degree day to finally get that chair painted for the closet.  For $11 I got a solid wood chair with a seat cushion that matches the chairs in the master bedroom.  Yay!
I started off by digging out the leftover Damask fabric by Waverly.  
Hey - it was an expensive project and I was going to use up as much of that fabric as I could!
Which meant that it had to pieced together, since it was just mainly scraps.
And then I top stitched the seams with a zig zag stitch so the sections would be sturdy.  I tried to match the pattern as much as possible.  But it has something like a 13 inch repeat!
 There is a tiny nub of this fabric left.  Wonder what I could do with it, ha ha.  Really, I'm getting kinda tired of hauling it out.  I've already made a French memo board and decopaged some light switch covers.
I stapled it all around the chair pad.  If I stand back a bit, I don't notice the patching as much - I'm hoping Hubby will not find this to be a problem.  After all, it's going to live in the closet!
I primed and spray painted it a matte black. Not my best spray paint job for sure...
But I bet Hubby will appreciate a place to park himself and slip off his shoes...

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