Friday, December 23, 2011

Wimberley Winter Wonderland

We took a trip to the hill country to visit Maggie's shop and bop around for  the day.
It was an overcast and chilly day - perfect for Christmas shopping!
 So many fun shops with local art
 Lights and greenery strung everwhere
 Quaint little houses turned into gift shops on the square
 We got our exercise walking everywhere!
We stopped at Wimberley Cafe for lunch.
The boys enjoyed just hanging out together and we tore up some delicious burgers!
 We had just missed a big Christmas "To Do" on the square a few days before, 
but found plenty of fun places to pose for pics.
My sister's shop is all decked out in tiny white lights and has the most amazing salsa, sauces, treats, wine...
...and lots of samples to try...
We got Hubby some treats for his stocking.  Fun!  Can't wait to go back soon!

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