Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sugar bombs on a stick - literally

One of our favorite things to do is roast marshmallows, and the boys can't stand to have a full bag of marshmallows lying around...
Like these ginormous ones I found at Wally World - each of them equals 
at least three regular size marshmallows!
Currently there is a burn ban on in Austin, but Hubby is careful using charcoal in the pit and 
we roast mallows over the dying ashes...
 You have to have a lot of patience this way as it takes a while - plus, the huge ones just take longer to roast.
 No open flames.  We're being good.
I've notice that in so many photos lately people just ignore me as I snap away.  They refuse to smile or pose.  I just go on snapping. I guess that's OK unless we are doing portraits.  
Which we aren't here.  
So, OK.
Even in warm weather Bubbie loves roasting mallows and wearing his fuzzy camo pants!  
But I think this be more fun once we get cooler weather...

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