Thursday, June 30, 2011

The state of things

We've been pretty busy at Camp Rustown enjoying the summer and trying to stay cool.  So, housework is even harder to get accomplished and forget about making everything look neat and pretty.
Every year around this time I think my beautiful front room will never be the same.  It gets turned into packing central by the resident Boy Scouts:

I just have to look away from it as I walk past.  It's a necessary evil as it is just too dang hot to ask them to pack it all up in the garage.  And besides, I have my own mess going on the dining table...
Those stacks of paper represent work I need to do to get The Girl off to college, among other week will be quiet around here, if they actually get to go.  Right now the wildfires in New Mexico threaten to cancel the camping trip.  Either way, I vow to tackle the table today so I can at least admire a spot of calm in the storm.  So, my agenda today is to tie up a few loose ends.  Organize some paperwork, file some things, get a handle on my master To Do list...then maybe I can go to the library, take a nap, and cook something good for's the state of summer at your house?

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