Friday, March 18, 2011

Eight minutes to cleaner and prettier

This morning I had 8 minutes to kill while I waited for a certain..ahem...facial depillatory to do it's thing.  Eight minutes is more than enough time to do a little tidy-ing up in the makeup drawer.
My routine is low maintenance, for sure.  So, this drawer looks full, but it is a skinny drawer and this collection just about covers the basics for me.  Moisturizer,  hair products, deo, very little makeup, dental stuff, cotton balls. Oh, and a pair of hair scissors for when my bangs start touching my eyeballs...
 Errant hair clips and pony tail holders found their way back into the little storage basket.
I bought myself some new beauty products earlier today and tossed the old or almost empty.  Wiped down the bottom of the drawer first, cause some old lady lost a lot of hair in there.  Still enough room in my basket to close the drawer.  Go, me!
 While I was at it (actually, around minute 5), I cleaned my hairbrushes
with soap and hot water and arranged them neatly. 
 With still some time on the clock, I did the same for the basket of bath items by the tub.  I like to try new products, but I also love to save money by buying store brands if I don't have a coupon for the 'spensive stuff.
 Summer will be here before you know it - time to get Pedi-ready!
Replaced my razor refill, threw away a half dozen disposable ones, cleaned out the little cup they live in...DING! Timer is done. Time to clean my face and go on about my day!

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Marie said...

You are inspiring! Go girl! :)
Makes me think about how I spend
my minutes.

Holly said...

I put off projects like this, but I don't know why, because you can get so much done in such a short period of time! Great job!

Amy Broughton said...

Hi Gina! I clicked on your post from the Clean Mama link party :) I write a whole blog about things you can do in 20 Minutes (organizing, recipes, fitness etc) so of course your title peeked my interest! Hope you can come take a visit over at

xoxo Amy B.

mack morry said...

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