Sunday, March 6, 2011

Camping weekend

Here are the packs lined up by the front door.  
They represent a lot of forethought and planning.
Using a document my hubby named "The Scoop Sheet",  we pull clothing and equipment for each trip.  The sheet lists what to do up to a weekend beforehand.  It lists the activity, who is in charge, the phone numbers, the place to "show up" and "show down", and a detailed list of what to bring. It's actually a pretty impressive document that leaves no question unanswered and allows us to make sure our boys get to the right place with the right stuff.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, as you have to pry them away from what they are doing and send them off to get what they need from either the garage or their rooms.  And this time, I sat with Bubbie and went over it with him completely - so that row of backpacks you see?  Two of them were ready Thursday afternoon before Dad got home - a first!  
Considering they camp about twice a month, that's huge!
Much as I hate an empty house, I know they learning and growing as young men.  
And I know they will have a great time doing it...

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