Monday, November 1, 2010

One last treat - Pumpkin Seeds

The job of carving pumpkins fell to Bubbie and I; we had drawn faces on them about 2 weeks it was time to get them ready for Halloween night...
Bubbie had the icky job of separating out the seeds from the pumpkin guts - you can tell he wasn't thrilled.
Well, except that he got to handle a sharp knife around a slippery pumpkin's insides which gave his mom the hives!  We collected all of the seeds and let them dry out overnight.
I've never successfully roasted pumpkin seeds, but I just dumped them onto a cookie sheet and added some olive oil and seasoned salt, and cooked them for about 25 minutes at 350.
I was surprised at the taste - kinda like the popcorn 'half pops' - nutty and roasty toasty and pretty good!

The pumpkins came out fun this year!
I can hardly believe Halloween is over - but it flies by every year.  I get a little nostalgic remembering how my kiddos would get so excited, plan out their costumes weeks in advance, and canvas entire neighborhood with their friends, trying to fill their buckets....sigh
On to the next holiday, right?

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