Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She's at it again...

Maybe I should have a regular blog posting about stuff my mother says to me - it isn't entertaining or funny.  Just stuff that leaves me bewildered and a tad aggravated.
Firstborn 2008
Background: This is my oldest on his high school graduation day.  He is humoring me taking a quick pic or two right before we head out to graduation ceremonies.  Handsome boy actually wore dress pants and a tie. 

It's not that he wasn't relieved or happy that day - he's just an introverted kind of kid.  I do think he was glad that high school was over - it was a hard won battle.
His dad and I literally pulled him through school and we are his biggest advocates.  Graduation was as much a celebration for us as for him.  He is a bright kid - but school held no charms for him.  
Today his grandmother remarked that she'd got a sweet thank you for the graduation money she'd sent to The Girl.  But hadn't gotten one from Firstborn yet, even though she noticed he'd cashed the check.  I told her I gave him a  Thank You to fill out* - she said he would probably "throw it away".  (which he didn't) Then she  said she didn't send a gift when he actually graduated because she "didn't feel like it".
Are you  kidding me?

She sent a check to him TWO YEARS LATE. Not one year. Not last year. 2008.
The only reason she did was that it "would look bad", she said, to send the girl one and not him.  And, of course he was going to cash it - you wanted him to frame it??
 And really, to say she "didn't feel like it"?
After all he and his parents had been through? Not even a phone call or note on his graduation day?
My mother isn't  interested in forging a relationship with my kids and that makes me sad.   And when my kids get hurt by her, it makes me mad.  Yes, someday she and I are going to have a heart to heart about it...

*It had been so long since he graduated we didn't have any more of those special graduation Thank You's left

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rose said...

oh i have been there and done that. my mother is the queen of snips. she says things and i have big scars on my bottom lip from biting it. i just keep thinking that some day when she is gone i will miss her. maybe i could put her on a bus tomorrow? hang in there. love your blog.


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