Monday, April 5, 2010

Is it time to get up now?

Last night we enjoyed that delish Easter dinner, got my cake iced (it was so good!), got the kitchen all cleaned up, discovered that E.  Bunny had left me sussies on my nightstand, enjoyed a long hot bath with my wine, and then....crash.  I simply could not find the energy to do anything else but lie on my bed and fall into a coma!

 Rustown Art
Sadly, I didn't wake up feeling any more refreshed, but I soldiered on, getting lunches and breakfasts made, and the house straightened up and laundry begun.  That's when the last bit of gas I had ran out.
I'm not a sleeping in kind of person - left those days behind after the first baby.  But I actually crawled back into my already made bed and conked out for another few hours.  Missed my daughter telling me she was coming home for lunch, even. And there's no food here, as I couldn't drag myself to the grocery store. Yikes.
The birds are chirping, time is passing, sun out...Rustown Mom needs a shot of whatever it was she had last week when she was getting all those projects done around the house! 

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