Monday, June 22, 2015

Tiny office

You wouldn't know it to look at my tiny nook of an "office" but I actually get a lot of work done here:
I pay bills, blog, work on various computer tasks, etc.  It was a mess, nevertheless, and I felt like it needed a lift.
 Far too much crap on that bulletin board!
 It's functional for me, but some day I want a real office - like the pretty ones I see on some other blogs.  A space to get really creative! 
For now, I can switch out some of the fabrics.  I already have the cute new lamp, why not go with a touch of blue?
 Fifteen minutes and a heavy duty stapler was all it took to spiff up the chair.  I really love this print I found at JoAnn - half off.  I had enough to make a couple of toss pillows for the living room chairs in here, too.
 About the same amount of time it took to sew a new liner for the binder basket underneath the desk.  The blue lampshade - I love it. 
 Clearing off the clutter did wonders.  Emptied the file pile and the trash, cleared out the drawers a bit, dusted underneath it all...
...and unloaded that bulletin board.  I still might paint the top of the desk, switch out the hardware, and choose a blue burlap to re-cover the French memo bulletin board.  But what a difference a little spiffing made.  (Now if I could only take better pictures of it all)


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

It's beautiful. What a score on that fabric at Jo Anne's too. Have a great week!

Rue said...

I think it looks great and far better than my office does at the moment lol

Mabel is so cute! I'm green with envy.

Now that I caught up with you, I have a craving for martinis.... I wonder why? ;)



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