Friday, June 26, 2015


The spiders at my house are always busy.  When The Girl and I cleaned the patio, we cleaned so many old webs off furniture, walls, plants.  Some of them were full of leaves and dirt.
It's a losing battle - woman against spider.  The teensy tiny ones get into the house and build intricate cities underneath chairs and around cabinets.  Overnight, webs will sprout up in tiny pockets of the house.  Yes, I clean them up.  No, it doesn't hurt my psyche at all. 
But I have to admire the big ones made outside.  This one is attached to a tree on one side, wind chimes on the next.  Wind chimes!  They move constantly!  What a talented spider to be able to work around all that clanging and movement to create something tranquil and beautiful and strong.
 We could all learn a lot from how a spider goes about it's business.
The webs are lacy and pretty out here on the trees.  I'll let them stay.

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Rue said...

It is an on going fight to keep them out of the house, but I don't mind them outside either, unless I walk through them lol



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