Friday, May 29, 2015

The Girl's yearly move

Hubby moved The Girl home the day of that motorcycle gang shooting in Waco (Wacko, as we like to call it).  So, needless to say, they were trying to shove everything into the trailer and head out of Waco as quickly as possible!  Aside from the bed, it didn't seems like a lot. And thank goodness they moved her on the one weekend it didn't storm!
 The next day I came home to a blockade at the front door.  There was a small pile at the front door.  "I don't think that stuff can live there over the next few days, honey..."
 And that darn futon made it's way back to the front room, on it's way to the garage.  If I don't move it soon, the cat will load it up with fur as her personal lounging area.  Everything that can't fit into the spare room has to be stored for the summer.
I got her to move it over to the dining room until I could get a day off to make space in the garage. It seems like we go through this every year.  This summer will be the last time, as she is moving to Houston in August to start her new job and new life as a college grad.  I've gotten used to moving her out, moving her in, storing the stuff, moving it back...
We will go through it all and make sure she has what she needs.  And when it's finally all said and done, and she's at her new "home", I will definitely feel sad, and maybe even a little nostalgic for her college days. 

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Rue said...

Hi Gina :)

I call it wacko too LOL

Good luck fitting it into your garage. If someone asked me to do that, I'd start laughing ;)

Have a great rest of your weekend!



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