Friday, May 8, 2015

5 thing Friday - room prep, the view, scalped, lunch out, carpooling fun

Today the plan is to clear out the Lounge in advance of The Girl coming to stay until her move to Houston.  The futon, sewing table, and ironing board all have to find a new home.  As does the exercise equipment tucked over by the window.  Plus, I need to make her some space in the closet. It will be good to de-crapify in here.
 Back to standing on the hard floor to iron...
A recent storm knocked the screen off this window in our master bedroom.  (there it is, laying against the bottom of the window) Now that our backyard tree is well-established, I kind of like the view.  I discovered that I liked it in the kitchen, too, so I simply raised the blinds and left them that way.  We might as well enjoy the pretty trees!
I should have taken a "before" shot of these shrubs.  They were out of control.  It had gotten to where we had a narrower area of front step and I had developed a bad habit of leaning on them as I was learning to navigate the step.  And to think, I counseled my mother about doing the very same thing!
 It will only take a month or so for them to fill in.  For now they look scalped and woody.  But all of the landscaping has been doing great with this rainy spring.  Less than a month after Bubbie and I trimmed and cleaned out the lantana, it is blooming and filling in nicely.
 I took Scout and The Girl to Chuy's for lunch on a random weekday.
(some things never change) 
I wish The Girl would have let me take a pic of her pretty new adult working woman haircut.
Aaaand my photography skills are still pretty much non-existant.
The front of Hubby's office,  just because I was sitting there waiting to pick him up from work, then head across town to get Bubbie from driver's ed.   His car was in the shop this week, and we have more work to do on it next week.  Good thing we don't work the same hours!

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