Monday, May 11, 2015

Giftie pots for Mother's Day

I wanted to make a sweet little something for my co-workers for Mother's Day.  After all, we're all mothers and we all worked on Sunday!  Plus, with the stress over returning to work Easter weekend, I was doing good to get a sussie pulled together for my peeps, nevermind the ladies at work. It was time to get creative!
So, typical of me lately, I did some last minute scouting around while out doing my Friday errands.  I was thinking spring here, but really this giftie has no general "theme".  I bought bright pottery pots at Dollar General, M&M's at Target, cute magnet list pads and scented markers (on clearance at Michael's),  and some herb pods to plant (from HEB).  I also printed an M&M themed label from here.  Cute!
 I gave the labels a quick trim and used clear tape to stick on the front of king-sized M&M's.
Do you ever use those magnetized lists?  I make lists all the time.  Seriously.  I am a big fan of my notebook planner, but sticky notes with lists follow me everywhere!
 I tucked the goodies in the ceramic pot with some tissue and tied with gardener's twine.
 Stuck some labels on the front.  Done.
 It was fun to put them together, but I'm not sure what they thought about it...  We also brought plenty of food to help us get thru a 12 hour shift...more about Mother's Day later this week!

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Carolyn Kisloski said...

Your gift pots came out GREAT! They are wonderful. I bet everyone loved them! :)


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