Friday, April 10, 2015

5 thing Friday - yardwork, E Bunny, changing habits, Spring, these people

Just a few short weeks ago, this is what it looked like in my yard.  I know it isn't the greatest pic but, there is dead and scraggly looking lantana, leaves choking up the grass, weeds and baby trees sprouted in the Wandering Jew bed.  I was ITCHING to get out there and get it whipped into shape.
 Fast forward to the last weekend of March and after four hours of yard work, three of us called it quits.  But we manged to rake and scoop 13 bags of leaves and yard waste:
 I still have a bunch to do, but it was a great start.
Hubby mowed the rest in.  Just in time, too, cause the next day all of the oaks in the neighborhood went berserk and everything is covered in pollen and those crackly things,  Yuck.  No more leaving the windows open either, cause that pollen settles on everything inside, too.
 Easter sussies for my peeps. Next year I will get a little fancier...
Last slammer meal for a while.  {Oh, how I love them}  I read that losing 1 pound is like losing four pounds of pressure off your knee.  Since the doc and PT advised I keep moving and lose some weight, I set up a basket for my lunch items, similar to what Hubby does. 
He keeps packets of tuna or salmon, canned sardines and oysters, protein drinks, peanut butter, almonds, granola bars, etc.  I will keep these baskets stocked with pantry items we can grab to boost lunches at work.  No more eating in the cafeteria or ordering out.  It's too expensive, too much food, and takes away from time you can sit with feet up at lunchtime.  
Scout has been taking lovely photos lately.  It doesn't hurt that it's spring and there's so much to photograph.  Have I mentioned before I am happy winter is OVER?  Also, did you know that ladybugs bite?  Seriously.  My mother told me that, but not until very recently.  I don't think I've every had that happen to me and I caught dozens of them as a child.
I ordered a magnet for my locker at work of this happy couple.  
Right before all heck broke loose last Fall.  We need to get busy planning what to do for our 30th.

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Kim said...

We have a lot of work to do in our yard, unfortunately, there are still pockets of snow peppered around...nice photo!


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