Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advice needed

In Bloggyland I saw some really nifty curtains someone made out of burlap.  I think it's just the ticket for the den and something I have been meaning to do for a while is jazz the wall up by hanging curtains.  
Here's what I'm starting with:
 I envision curtains that hang down a strip between the windows - mostly to pretty up the windows, not cover them.  We really like these cellular shades when summer hits.
But I'm not sure a long rod will work as the ceiling slopes down so close to the wall.  Maybe find some wrought iron looking rings to hang the fabric from?
The rest of the room needs a spiff here and there, too...
This coffee table needs to either be re-varnished or painted another color.  Also, I would love to put a BIG rug in this room, but I want to find one with a rug pad built in.  Also, there is a rocking chair I can't seem to part with that would be great painted some jazzy color - but what color?
Maybe cover the lampshade with burlap, too?  And that Pena print - I love it, but I don't love the shiny gold frame it's in.  But I love the sconces and their pretty scroll-y candles from Pottery Barn.
 Should I spray paint it and the sconces in another color?  Oil rubbed bronze?  Then I would have to re-do the lamp at the end of the sofa, too.  It was originally brass as well.
I'm thinking of adding baskets for DVD and VHS storage in the bookcase. I have seen some sea grass ones at Wal-mart that I like.  I could move that large green one that sits on the bottom.
This room is large and comfy as is, but I would like to make it more
attractive to all of us since we live in it so much.  
Suggestions, please!


Little City Farm said...

I love your idea for the curtains, but have no suggestions for that tiny end. That looks challenging. I love the seagrass baskets idea. That will look awesome. I think I would pick one of those finishes and paint the frame, sconces and lamp all the same. It'll look great no matter what finish you pick if they're all the same. You have a lot of great ideas on your own. :)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I think baskets on your shelves would be marvelous. I'm a believer in hiding things! You do have a dilemma with that curve on the end of your wall. The only thing I can think of is maybe running the rod along the top of the blinds. Your arches would peak out the top. That might look really pretty...and I like the idea of 4 panels. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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