Monday, March 19, 2018

Mealplan Monday #185

Monday - Turkey and Havarti Sammies, low salt kettle chips
Tuesday - BBQ Beef and Beans*, garlic toast
Wednesday - Parmesan Chicken Whip Up, cabbage and carrots
Thursday - Dr. Martin's Mix, mixed veggies
Friday - Turkey Pesto Meatballs over pasta, zucchini
Saturday - yoyo
Sunday - Orange Chicken, rice, Arkansas Green Beans
*This really isn't a recipe, just something I have fixed my family for years.  Cook a few slices of bacon and drain.  Brown a pound of ground beef and drain.  Mix bacon and beef with two cans of pork and beans and 1 can diced tomatoes, both un-drained.  Add a little BBQ sauce, season it up, and let it simmer while you make garlic toast.  When my peeps were small, they gobbled this up - still do, come to think of it.  (:

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