Friday, January 19, 2018

5 thing Friday - dabs, beer, Ted, lotion, birthday dinner

I hate throwing the last dibs and dabs of stuff away, so I almost always am on the lookout for how I can use stuff up completely when cooking.  The last bit of ketchup can go into the stew, that bit of leftover veggie can be added in to a soup or casserole, and so on.
And the last few spoonfuls of almond butter, peanut butter, and pumpkin spice cookie butter can be made into a giant peanut butter cookie with the last bits of chocolate chips sprinkled on top.  It was a warm from the oven treat that hit the spot!
Hubby and I took our growler to Whole Foods Market on Sunday to enjoy the spring-like temps on the balcony in advance of Inga.  We also had oysters and smoked salmon nuggets.  Bonus points for this particular venue being about two minutes from Camp Rustown.
Teddy has been a good houseguest and is warming up to all of us nicely.  Though I'm pretty sure he's asking for me to stop reading and pay attention to him here.
I have containers of lotion in every room of this house, and my tote bag and purse, and I use it liberally and often and yet still my hands look like a crone's.  I am trying to limit the time I have them immersed in cleaning products, and even the shower, but I fear I am fighting a losing winter battle.  I even bought new gloves for driving because the bite of the dry cold kills me...
Firstborn's birthday dinner last night was delightful: Baked Rigatoni, Caesar salad, garlic crescent rolls, Texas sheet cake with roasted pecans, and ice cream.  It required that I prep it all in advance before leaving for work, but it was a snap to heat up and serve. 
Happy Weekend, everyone!  I feel like we earned it this week in Texas!


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I laughed out loud at your description of your hands looking like a crone's. I am so glad to know that I am not alone! Despite the fact that I am putting on a enough to turn myself into a greased pig, I still look like I'm in the early stages of mummification. Is this winter drier than those in the past? I don't recall ever being as desiccated as I have this season.

bj said...

Usually when my body gets dry, especially my lips, I have to up the amount of water I'm drinking. Seems this year has been really bad...


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