Friday, September 22, 2017

5 thing Friday - Sammie night, nails, the wine tour, crepes, Fall linens

On Mondays we have sammie night - usually one that I prep in advance and store in the fridge for my peeps.  But on one recent Monday I was off, so I got to do a hot sammie - grilled swiss, ham, and apple on raisin bread.  It was delightful!
My peeps said it was "unusual" which is code for they weren't too sure about it.  But cook's choice, you know?  And they all got devoured!
I bought a Groupon for a mani/pedi which is something I would never justify doing before.  But I just gotta say - IT WAS GREAT and I might have to make that an every now and again thing.  Two weeks later my feet still look marvy fab, and though I have repainted my fingernails, they still look good and are not breaking.  
Win for feeling pretty!
Last week was a whirlwind wine tour/pick up.  And Hubby and I were feeling pretty pooped when Sunday night rolled around...
We started out at Bell Springs, where we enjoyed a glass of petite syrah and burger sliders, listening to live music on the patio.
Then we picked up our wine and headed over to Burnet for the Torr Na Loch pick up, enjoying the view, a bottle (or two) on the patio, eating fried oyster nachos, and listening to this guy:
He was really good! 
Then we did a tasting notes activity with the winery owner, sampling two as-yet unavailable wines.  Very informative and fun!  We picked up our wines, and headed to Highlands to spend the night.  We cooked a one skillet meal of trout with potatoes and green beans - so good!  The we were up early the next day to head BACK to Dripping Springs...
 ...for breakfast at Crepe Crazy - Hubby had the Norweigian (lox, dill, capers) and I had the Fiesta (black beans, corn, chorizo)  They were HUGE and sooo good.
 I could eat one of those every weekend!  Then we were off to Wimberley Valley Winery:
Where we spent some time napping in our chairs, sipping a zinfandel, and snacking on cheese. We picked up our wines and headed over to Solaro Estate and had an informative tasting with the owner, but I didn't take even one pic.  Too tired, I guess!  We picked up our wine and headed back to Austin.  I was on call and I had pretty much nothing else to drink that afternoon, and good thing, too, because I did get called in around 8 p.m.
Woo! Talked about pooped! 
Firstborn is back at home, temporarily.  So, my craft room is no more.  However, with a coupon I will head over to Michaels' and just purchase a runner or placemat that I was going to make, based on this recent phone pic.  I figure I will save time, it won't be hassle or a mess, and will be a pretty addition to our dining table.  
On to another weekend, this one spent visiting The Girl!

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Simply LKJ said...

The sandwiches sound delicious! Happy Weekend.


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