Friday, July 28, 2017

5 thing Friday - fridge, lunch, A/C, pergola, Garrison's

Last week was an expensive booger and ended with a day of A/C replacement, stress at work, and an empty fridge:
(Oh look -  we won't starve.  We have condiments)
Once the A/C guys were here I really couldn't leave the house.  So I got some cleaning done around the house, including the fridge - cleaned and wiped all of the shelves, tossed old expired stuff, and thawed some stuff to make this gourmet lunch:
That would be ground chicken breast and bacon burgers with BBQ sauce and cheddar on freezer hot dog buns with sauteed onions.  It was delightful and frugal!  Then I made a monster grocery list for the next morning.
 Unlike getting the A/C replaced, which was not frugal, but necessary.
(those are coils, coated with 24 years of grime)
This unit was original to the house.  Never been serviced.  Ran for hours.  And made the most God-awful noise starting up.
 Pretty much on its deathbed.  (look at the rust!)  Hopefully we will also say goodbye to out of control electric bills in the summer.  It already feels so good in this house with much lower humidity.  We promise to treat the new one better...
The pergola, it is finished.  Hubby and I went up to Highlands on Saturday, spent the night, then got up at the crack of dawn to finish it up.
Along the way, we visited a bourbon distillery in Hye, Texas and admired their firepit, washers pits, rustic rocking chairs, and picnic tables.  The people there were super friendly and knew lots about bourbon.  And the wine on the patio was honor system.  A fun place to visit - I'm sure we will head back in the Fall to go on their "hay-less" hayride tour of the distillery.

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