Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Just dreamin'

Hubby and I spent some time on Saturday doing some spruce up to the back yard - cleaning out gutters, power washing the slab, loading the small BBQ grill up for Highlands, trimming the trees, and blowing out the red rocks.  Then on Sunday we sat outside, sipping wine, and making plans.
Chief among them is removing the red pavers and edging out here and extending the slab.  Replacing the deck.  Removing the rail. Getting a new patio umbrella - this one has seen much better days...and a new grill cover is being ordered.
 And maybe replacing some grass.  {Geez, those pavers have got to go!}
This type of fence I love - I see it everywhere!  It's the upstairs railing at Torr Na Lochs, and this deck railing at Bell Springs.  I think it would be nice on the deck at Rustown.
And we are also dreaming of a pergola, like this one at Bell Springs, though at Highlands instead of Rustown, and made of metal so it's fire-wise.  I love that it has a concrete slab underneath, making it a semi-permanent place for outside seating.  What is it about spring that makes you want to clean things up and build anew? 

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The Happy Whisk said...

Love that space. I could eat my meals and write out there each day.


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