Monday, March 20, 2017

What the week holds, and picking a door color

One the simplest projects at the top of my list involves painting the front door.  Years ago I gave it a new coat of varnish, but I did a sloppy job...then Hubby changed out the hardware and the previous footprint was noticeable....then, I spray painted the hardware and that was a flop...
I like our front door but I have done a shabby job of trying to pretty it up!  Time to get motivated, pick a color and get this one crossed off my list!
 I still want to hang a wreath here, so I don't want it to be brown or green.  I was thinking a blue, or even black.  I want to clean up the hardware and make it sparkle, too.
See the wooden bird in the wreath?  It was a find at Highlands.  I don't know what is was supposed to be originally, but I painted a pearly eye on it and onto the front door wreath it went.  Decor by happenstance.  This week I am pulling a lot of call, in addition to ending my 11 day streak at work.  Whew!  There is much to catch up on around the house.  On Wednesday there's a Pre-UIL concert to attend, then a wine club pick-up at Bell Springs that I hope to be able to attend on Saturday with Hubby, Firstborn, and Scout.  I know I sound like a broken record, but where do the weeks seem to go?!
What does your week look like?

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