Friday, February 24, 2017

Staying busy...

Weeks 7-9 on the Organized Home Challenge are things I feel I'm fairly organized on: coupons, meal planning, and laundry room.  Coupons I go through at the end of every month -  I toss the expired ones and try to use the ones about to be expired.  I use a little coupon caddy that lives in my purse. And I only clip coups for things I know we will need or use.   For store coups, I just to pull those up on my phone and show the cashier.  Meal planning happens here on every Thursday for the following week, then I shop after work on Tuesday.  I post menus, but I am flexible on what I cook,  depending on people's schedules.  And the laundry room?  Well, it's more of a nook and it has stayed fairly neat.
So this week I put up all of the pinecones and winter-looking greenery around the house.  After all, it's like we never really got winter here in Central Texas and the days have been sunshiney beautiful.  I bought a cute hob nail candle for $3 at JoAnn for the coffee table.  And a few other small sewing supplies, but not much else.  And yes, I did use my phone coupon!
I took pitifully few pictures since this week has been more about getting some other things done: bills, laundry, potting some plants, raking, running errands, sewing a bit, getting Bubbie's hair cut, and spending time with Hubby.  And this weekend I have some extra time off, so I am going to chaperone a lock-in for the band kids, then head to Burnet on Saturday for the Torr Na Loch  pick-up party.  It was a great week at Camp Rustown and we are looking forward to a great weekend, too!

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The Happy Whisk said...

Whew. Lots going on over at your pad. Very cool.

PS: You're in my feed. You won't see me on the follower's gadget, thanks to google messing up my profile (long story), but you're in my feed.

Thanks for stopping by and boogie boogie.


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