Friday, January 27, 2012

A bright spot in the house

My laundry room is all spiffed up and ready to get to work!

Here is the before:
Everything crammed in and the builder beige still on the walls...
 And that's as far out from the wall as I could move the washer to paint down there...
I ended up practically standing on my head!
I pulled down the contact paper from the shelves.
Hard to tell the paint color from these photos - take my word for it the walls were blah and scuffed.  But now the floors are scrubbed and the walls have a fresh coat of paint.
Want to see the "afters"?

 The paint was left over from the front room project - called "Tobacco Leaf" by Martha Stewart in a satin interior latex enamel.  Perfect for this area.
I purged the shelves - storing things elsewhere or loading up my Goodwill pile.
And made a sweet little area on the shelf for pretty blue things...
This little dish holds all sorts of treasures I find in my washing machine...
These blue plates have been hanging in here since the first time I spiffed up this area a year ago.  My mother was perturbed that I hung them in here as she gave them to me and wanted them out where everyone can see them.  But I don't have a "blue" room in the house and I am in the laundry area six days out of seven.  Made sense to me to hang them in here where I can enjoy them.
 My art gallery of magnets the kids made in school...
Love this fabric that lines the baskets.
I added a tension rod to hold my ironing.
I got that idea from somewhere...can't remember where.  I think tension rods are great - you can use them anywhere and they don't damage the walls.  This one is fairly strong, too - it holds everything I need to iron or hang dry.
All of the Christmas stuff is now in the top of my master closet in 4 big clear boxes.  This big one in the laundry room holds miscellaneous decor - stuff I need to get to easily.  Seasonal things, mostly.  And next to it are the hard-to-store things.  And empty space!  So it's there if I need it.    I think it's prettier in here now.  it will take the drudge factor down a bit when I open up the door to do laundry.
Is is silly to love my laundry area?  Because now, I do!

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