Friday, December 9, 2016

5 thing Friday - traffic, candleglow, wagon, sammie, cup tree

Driving in Houston is bad.  Maybe not as congested as Austin, but still...if I think on it too hard, I feel like a nervous wreck knowing that my child navigates it daily ON HER OWN.
 Plus, the weather in Houston is awful.  I lived on the Gulf coast for 11 years.  
I do not miss it.
Sweet votive Christmas tree given to me by my sister.  This time of year feels hard for me.  I have no real reason to be sad, but I feel like I lost something that helped anchor me to the holidays, and that takes a little of the shine off of Christmas.*
Yes, this is the same wagon I plucked from a dumpster.  Stay tuned on Monday to see my not-Pinterest-worthy use for it.
One day last week, Bubbie and I took a morning off to go to a city council meeting.  It was such an interesting morning!  And I was craving lunch out, but I had to get him back to school.  So when I got home I made a Rustown Mom version of a Schlotzsky's sammie - turkey, ham, havarti, colby jack, and mixed greens with apple cider vinaigrette on butter-toasted bread.  It was delectable.  I ate at my desk...
My $10 thrill of last week.  I love me a mug tree.  I had one years ago and it was such a sweet addition  to the counter.  This one holds Christmas mugs, but after Christmas, it will hold regular ones.  Because I am loving all of the cabinet space it cleared up - space for cocoa packets, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and K-cups. So we don't have to fight for space in the cabinet for hot drinks and fixin's.  Now we can stock that stuff all year long if we want to! I don't know why I didn't buy one sooner.   It's a good thing, Martha.

* - Yes, you can lose something if you thought you had it to begin with...

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bj said...

I LUV your tree mug..I also had one yrs ago and probably sold it in a garage, as soon as I can, I want another one, especially to use for my Christmas mugs...


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