Monday, August 22, 2016

What the week holds, and artful magnets for the fridge

Last week I got a 10 magnet freebie from a photo site I frequent.  Just few days before I was sitting in the breakroom at work thinking about what a glum place it is.  We used to have a bulletin board long ago and folks would bring pics of their kids in.  For some reason we don't do that anymore - maybe because people have pics on their individual lockers.   We have two full size fridges in the breakroom now with silly pizza take out magnets on them.   I figured now was a good time to take advantage of  the deal. 
 So I "borrowed" some of my favorite pics from my favorite photographer's website
 and had five 3x5 magnets made to add some beauty to those refrigerators.
 This one of the dragonfly is one of Scout's favorites.
 All of them are so restful and beautiful - just the thing you want in a breakroom at work.
The one above is my personal fav - a reminder that cooler days, and the holidays, are just around the corner.  This week is the beginning of the school year here in Austin and the last year I will have a kid in public school!  Tuesday I have a webinar to watch for CEU's, and evening practice for my band kid. There is a departmental meeting at work (on my day off - yuck) and the first football game of the season on Thursday.  Then a morning band practice for my kid on Thursday and Friday.  Interspersed in there will be getting my house cleaned and some projects done.  Busy, but I much prefer it that way!  
What does your week look like?

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Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

My week looks lazy! August has been a slow, quiet month for us after a very busy june and july! Love the ideas of putting photo magnets on the fridge to brighten things up - maybe coworkers will add some inspirational or humorous quotes to hang on the fridge!!


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