Monday, July 11, 2016

What the week holds: hopefully some down time!

Before Hubby and I left for the Great New Mexico Odyssey, we stopped by this place for Happy Hour.  It wasn't up to sweltering in the afternoons yet, but the fans they had blowing with water misters was much appreciated!  Especially since the restaurant is in downtown Austin and the area of the outdoor patio we were at faced the street.
We had some delightful whiskey punch with a cheese tray and some spinach dip.  The dip was so-so, but the cheeses were divine!
I could have stuck a straw in that bottle and sluuuurped my way to a coma.  It was so good.  Vermouth, whiskey, ginger beer, spices and fruit...oh my.
By the time we left, we weren't concerned about the downtown traffic, nor the heat! 
 This week has LAUNDRY written all over it.  {It just seems like a never ending topic here.}  Plus, going to see the doc about my tennis elbow, two meetings at work, driving practice with Bubbie, making serious progress on my summer reading, hopefully more figs to harvest, and the departure of yet another co-worker.  It's always a little sad to me to see people go - it's almost like reading a good book and not gettting to the end of the they live happily ever after?  
What does your week look like?

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bj said...

hahhaaa...i love your cute personality...i love a good cheese tray with a glass of Blackberry wine every now and then.....


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