Wednesday, July 27, 2016

On the road with Mabel - Palo Duro Canyon

Last month Hubby and I took Mabel (the T@B trailer) on an epic adventure through west Texas and northern New Mexico.  I have about a billion pics from the trip, but here are just a few:
We slowly made our way north from Austin.  Hours later, you could tell we were getting into west Texas because WIND FARMS.
 Now, all of these pics are through the passenger window going 75 mph, so...
 ...and also, we were on a two lane highway, so we weren't about to stop and admire the scenery!
However, on the way we did stop in Post and eat a most delicious cheeseburger and onion rings at Holly's.  I found them simply by googling places to eat near Post or Slaton - Holly's got great reviews.  I didn't think to take a pic of my cheeseburger before I scarfed it down - sorry - so please enjoy the view from our table.  Ha!
Bye, Holly's!
Some of the best places we've ever eaten at on the road have been "hole in the wall" joints in small towns. It's especially nice if you see locals hanging out there - they know what's good!  Best get back on the road.  Driving through Lubbock, we were on the outskirts, really, and didn't see much that I remember from my childhood.  UNTIL...we stopped for gas and I found these:
I remember these fondly from my childhood.  Next time we go up this way, I will stock up!  This one was destined for Scout, but Hubby and I shared a smallish one.
 The view through the outskirts of Lubbock in one photo.
Getting close to our destination: Palo Duro Canyon!
 We got to the park around  3 or 4, I think.  Storms clouds are gathering but we were enjoying the breezes.
Palo Duro is the second largest canyon system in the US.  So beautiful, and there weren't a billion other people.
I remember coming here as a child of about 4  with my parents, and three of my siblings, to camp.  It is a beautiful place.  (read about it here) You could tell so even from our black and white photos of the 60's!  Thank you, President Roosevelt.
I get a little nervous with Hubby's driving sometimes.  Never as much as when we are close to rocky canyon walls on one side and shear cliffs on the other.
The speck in the middle of the photo is where we are headed - the area where we will park Mabel for the night.

Our campsite - so pretty!  We parked Mabel, then headed out to a local winery.  A big storm blew through while we were at the winery, then slacked off, then started up again the minute we got back.
We enjoyed our Lime Shrimp Lettuce Wraps and some wine while the rain came down.  Up early tomorrow, headed for Angel Fire!

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Brandi said...

Lots of great pictures from your road trip! Glad you and your husband enjoyed your time together!


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