Friday, July 15, 2016

5 thing Friday - Philmont, wall hanging, bakery, patches, Goodart's

Bubbie is back from Philmont.  Not a changed kid, like Hubby assumed.  He's back to sleeping in and enjoying the a/c a little too much. But hopefully, he learned a thing or two about tenacity and perseverance. And I think it was a good thing for him to be electronic-free and plug into nature for a bit. 
 He's got a lot of work to do before band camp - his time will be spoken for and he will come home each day tired, hot, and sweaty.  So badge work will have to happen on the weekends.  Yesterday we did a family project for one of the badges - getting the landscape lighting in order.  It's been months since the timers were set correctly and most of the bulbs were out.  I need a full time caretaker around here.
I bought some beautiful yarn at Wally World to make a wall hanging with a piece of wood I picked up in Angel Fire.  I wanted it to be canyon and pine colors.
It cost me all of $3 and the yarn is soft and touchable, the colors so beautiful.  I hung it in The Lounge so I can remember our trip while I stand in there doing ironing drudge.
I finally made it over to HaleyCakes.  It's a cute place - super small and a bit cluttered, but looks like a great place to get a special occasion cake or a bunch of fun themed cookies or cupcakes. I took Bubbie over there for a treat yesterday and to get driving practice - another thing we have to work on.
 More patches to sew - merit badges and souvenir patches for Hubby's grilling apron.  It's pretty hot here for grilling, but today my plans include getting us some jalapeno poppers and steak for tomorrow night.
And, the souvenir I brought back to Scout - a Goodart's peanut pattie from Lubbock - straight out of my childhood.  It's about the only thing we did of note going through Lubbock on our trip - we barely saw the city as we were on the outskirts, so I missed being able to have lunch with my oldest brother.  Maye we'll head up there again one day...

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