Friday, May 13, 2016

5 thing Friday - the backyard, Hubby's office, new stitchin', lunch at home, pillow talk

Our backyard is a dead zone.  It looks so terrible.  I know I should stop bemoaning the state its in and just get going on it, but I find it paralyzing to think about the amount of time and money it will take to revitalize it.  We need to repair the fence, add dirt, get the sprinklers in working order, do some landscaping...
 About all I have done is be lame and toss some grass seed out.
 That's like spitting on a wildfire, I know.  Meanwhile, in my neighbor's yard there is this:
It hangs over the fence into my yard, so I snip a bit here and there.  It grows such that they barely get to enjoy it!  So although our yard looks like crap, it smells great.
 Hubby's new office needs serious decorating help.  He's got a mish mash of rectangles and a jumble of scout stuff.  I'm going to help him out.  I'm on the hunt for a cheap brass planter I can clean up and arrange silk plants in - gotta check Goodwill.
 He's seriously silly.  But I am happy that he has this new job and opportunity to grow in a better situation, not to mention nicer office,  than before.  A cookie for you if you spy a lava lamp.  Another cookie for the flag of Norway.
He asked me to stitch a saying for him - Just roll with it.  
Something his new boss likes to say. (I know this is hard to see - I will post the finished stitchery!)
Scout and I are eating leftovers for lunch on most days.  I am curbing the impulse to split Chinese with him once a week - we need to slow the roll on the spending for food.  We eat out waaaay too much.  This was a delightful lunch, though.  Lettuce wraps with chicken mole, coleslaw, and avocado.  YUM.
Last month I used up the last of Kohl's cash by buying this $40 pillow on sale for half prince, less the $10 Kohl's cash.  $10 for a nice new pillow for the sofa was a deal!  I couldn't even sew one at that price.  And with that, I am staying out of there until I have to buy school clothes for Bubbie.

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