Friday, March 4, 2016

5 thing Friday - grits, linens, wreath, rug, bathroom re-do

I'm not saying we've given up healthy eating around here, but I don't want to just toss what I already bought.  Case in point:  grits.  No one but me appreciates them.  So it's going to take me a little longer to get through the box.  Made with butter and cheese, topped with an egg, its omg good.
Don't let its blah appearance fool you.  Plus, its a nice change from bran buds.
 I grew tired of seeing the ratty pillowcase covering this one large pillow on my bed.  So I popped over to Kohl's and bought this sham.  It was the only thing they had in this bright pieced pattern.  I love it!  I might try to find more of it on-line.
Some new sheets were purchased, too.  I try to stay out of Wal-Mart, but you can't beat the Better Homes and Gardens line of linens.  Very smooth and comfy, fairly inexpensive.
I spy with my little eye, a bird's nest in my front door wreath...
Well, the dead giveaway is the debris that falls out every time we go in and out of the door.  I have removed four of them from this wreath in a week's time.  Busy birds, you cannot live in my front door!  Sorry.  This property zoned for humans.  I resorted to placing a plastic statue of an owl nearby.  So far, it has seemed to do the trick.
 IKEA has some fantastic rugs!  This one is made from scraps of antique Turkish rugs, all patched together.  I LOVE IT.  I need to get the bathroom finished first.  Then I will talk Hubby into the whole rug thing.
As of last Friday, this was all I had assembled.  That toilet stand I purchased at Wal-Mart, too.  After arguing with the Lowe's guy that what he was trying to sell me was in fact a hand towel rack that sits on the counter.  And noticing that they wanted $35 for their tp stands.  WM had the exact same one for $15.  Sold.  I got the clock at IKEA for $2. Another  splashguard for the other end of the tub, and a new shower curtain liner.  I'm trying to keep this spiff to under $100.
 But look at what IKEA has in the way of sink vanities.  
The perfect size for that tiny bathroom!
I see a lot more IKEA in my future.

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