Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Carrots

I would love to say that I am organized enough to have full menus planned with everything I need to make them, including boundless energy to do so.  Sadly, that is not the case.  Night before last we had a change of dinner plans, requiring me to figure Something Else Out.  So this is what I made:
 It wasn't beautiful, but it made the house smell wonderful and it disappeared...
It was a last minute thing - I hauled out a box of scalloped potatoes, the last four carrots from the fridge, and the rest of the Christmas ham.  I also had some Panko crumbs, but I was just too lazy to do buttery cheesey crumbs.  Maybe next time!
I buttered the dish, poured in the potatoes, mixed the milk and seasoning pouch and poured that over, added chunked up ham, peeled and sliced carrots, and dotted it all with butter.  It baked at 350 covered for about 45 minutes, then I uncovered it for 30 more while I made a salad and watched Cook's Country.
It was warm and comforting and filling and no one complained.  Sometimes a box of something, with leftovers, is the best I can do.  But it usually turns out that the family doesn't mind, and I feel proud of how thrifty I am!  Have you had dinners like that?


Simply LKJ said...

For last minute it sounds delicious!!

Brandi said...

I love one-dish meals! Your dinner looks delicious!!


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