Friday, August 7, 2015

5 thing Friday - plants, cross stitch, fig jam, shopping, hardware

Faux plants are fine by me.  They never die.  Unlike the aloe I have replaced three times this summer.  Apparently I cannot grow aloe.  And my other succulents aren't doing so hot either.
 IKEA has cute little faux plant - planters, too.
 I bought a fun cross stitch designs book and have already started on one.  Super easy to follow instructions and hilarious designs.  I'm going to come up with one for my Floss Munching Cat, too.  And I would love to do a cross stitch pillow for Mabel, like "Camper, Sweet Camper".
You would be fairly envious of the fig jam making abilities of my friend, Deb.  I would be, too, but she was nice enough to share it with me, so I forgive her for being better at it. Her jam is incredible on toast with almond butter.  The perfect breakfast!
Shopping at Trader Joe's is my new favorite thing.  I end up buying better quality food, but less of it.  I still get some items from HEB, but you can't beat TJ for fresh veggies and wine.  And they're prepared frozen foods are inexpensive and really good.  Plus, you aren't punished for forgetting your bags.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, HEB and City of Austin!
One of these days I'll blog about my pretty new blinds.  Until then, enjoy this photo of completely inadequate hardware meant to hold a 15 pound blind through multiple raising and lowering.  Not to mention it DOES NOT WORK for side mounted blinds, and nowhere on the website for said blinds was that mentioned.  Thank goodness for a handy Hubby who can problem solve and jerry-rig...

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