Monday, June 29, 2015

Well, it's gone now...

On a hot sunny day, Firstborn came to unload the engine from the van into the GT in order to get all of it's parts together for the tow truck.  The City of Austin and it's dead vehicle law won.
Though there are still random car parts in the back of the van, he might one day be able to fit the seats back in...
 He wasn't in the mood for photos.
He was actually kind of snarky.  
And hot, sweaty, tired, and mildly angry.
There you have it: a car engine in it's own backseat.  You saw it here first.
Oh, and an extra bumper.
The tow truck driver handed him a check for $250 and drove off with a prized possession. A hard lesson learned.  Death of a dream.
And on a rainy day not too long afterwards, Bubbie had room to do some bike repairs.  I realize I'm not posting recipes lately - I haven't been cooking much.  That will change now that the boys are back from camping...

1 comment:

Rue said...

I feel bad for him, but you're probably happy to have the car out of there.

Glad the boys are back safely from camping. Enjoy the upcoming cooking :)



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