Monday, April 20, 2015

Loving the home I have: the kitchen

My kitchen has a happy mix of color in it that I love.  And I haven't spent much on it lately - instead pulling out things I already had and using them differently.  It's spring, time to clean and freshen!
This collander makes for a pretty pot of silk flowers.  I just dug around in my stash and pulled out the colors I wanted.  I'm thinking about adding a small lamp in here, too.  A small lamp would be so cozy in this little area.
 Bright spatulas were cheap and I use them all the time.And that pretty plate makes a nice spoon rest.
 My owl cannisters don't hold anything - I just like the pop of color.  I spend a lot of time in here, so I make it pretty for me!
This fabric in these baskets is from IKEA, originally being a tablecloth.  I don't think they carry it anymore.  But it has all the colors I love in here.
 Sweet pottery bowl made by one of my resident artists hold my rings near the sink.
 I'm trying to encourage everyone at my house, including myself to eat more fresh veg and fruit!  Maybe making it purty will entice them?
I like having vintage looking touches in here.  I have more things I can pull out and use.  Maybe this week after I play catch up on cleaning!
I  love it when everything is clean and fresh smelling.  I've been using a lavender scented spray cleaner that is so nice!
For a while there, I wanted to paint the cabinets.  But now I think I will just sand them lightly and give them another coat of clear varnish to spiff them and help them clean up easier.  There's oak in the den next to this room.  It all fits.
The laminate will get replaced eventually.  It has gotten hard to clean and is scratched.  Just new laminate for me, thanks, nothing fancy.  I think laminate is very practical in a home with kids.  Easy to clean, looks fresh.  Ditto for the white backsplash. 
 If it's not broke, why "fix" it?
About the only other big change to make in here would be new blinds for this window, and maybe a cushion or two.  And I might eventually spray paint the chairs a fun color.  But those are all relatively easy changes I can do.  And if I don't get around to it right away, I will still enjoy this kitchen!

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