Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little bit of Halloween is all I had time to do...

I am busy today getting groceries bought and laundry done.  But I did tell Scout that I would put put up some Halloween.   So, after I got caught up on my To Do list, I put a bit of it out.  We don't go all out like we used to, but we have some things we like to see every year...
 I think I need another much bigger mum in a pot here - I love mums!
Most of this other stuff was from Walgreen's or Target.
 I'm considering hanging a sign in his hands that says "Put up your laundry, or else!"
These trick-or-treat pumpkin signs are from when all four of mine were still trick-or-treating.  They make me smile every year! There's a few other things here and there inside the house.  What about you - do you decorate for Halloween?

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Simply LKJ said...

Looks great! We have a few pumpkins, but did not go all out this year as we will be in Waco for homecoming this year.


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