Monday, September 1, 2014

Mealplan Monday #126 and the end of summer band practice

I know it seems like I keep repeating myself that the summer seemed to hit the blahs with about two weeks to go.  But seriously, it did (we might still be waiting for it to get better)...however, one of the highlights of those blah days was getting to go see the band show off for us at the end of summer camp.
We got there early enough to get a great seat at the edge of the practice lot.  We opened up the hatchback and settled in.  The sun was burning hot, but there was the promise of an ice cream social to follow.
 Unfortunately, Bubbie was somewhere on the side furthest from us...
 He's in there somewhere...

Monday - Chinese take out
Tuesday - BBQ Chicken and Pineapple quesdillas
Wednesday - Meatball Subs and rosemary fries
Thursday - Game Night - Whataburger*
Friday - Papa John's (we have a free pizza coming)
Saturday - Trip to Dallas
Sunday - Pot Luck Beans
I doubt I will give much thought to dessert...
*This is a tradition that Hubby started...pick up our favorite band student after the game and get a late night burger.  Is it a healthy habit?  No.  But it's a lot of fun!
 This perch full of band directors cracks me up.  
Much to the kids' obvious delight, they had the parents join the band on the practice lot to learn a few marching basics.  Fun!
It was great to get a sneak peek at the halftime show.  I am so looking forward to the football games and all the fun marching season has in store for Bubbie!
Happy Labor Day!

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