Friday, August 8, 2014

5 thing Friday - frugal cooking, twins?, dates, band camp, patches

Groceries are starting to become a luxury item - so expensive!  I'd rather not throw food away, and sometimes I just want to work with what we already have.  So, I find things in the freezer and pantry that challenge me to be frugal and creative.  Like these cupcakes:
(See the Halloween cupcake liners?)  Key Lime cake plus blue raspberry vanilla frosting = Sharkbite Cupcakes.  Dessert recycled from here.
And leftover grilled chicken plus a couple of grilled corn on the cobs with everything you have from the crisper drawer and some grated cheese = BBQ Chicken Salad.  Oooh, that was good.
These two are looking more and more alike every day.  Some lady in Walgreen's asked them if they were twins, then asked who was older, then asked Scout if he was 12.  I almost pee'd myself laughing.  Scout was not amused.
Hubby and I are going to start going out for date nights where we don't discuss the kids.  We discovered that Whole Foods is a dandy place to drink beer, people watch, then spend too much on baked goods.  There are tables and leather couches to kick back in, or you can sit out on a deck watching the sun set.  Next time we plan on eating dinner there, and playing cards afterwards.too.
Band camp started.  Yay and Boo, all at the same time.  Summer is winding down, marching season is ramping up, life is going to get more hectic until Winter Break. And meanwhile, I've got one hot, tired, hungry, grouchy teen on my hands who meanmugs me in the afternoon if I ask how his day went.  Fun times.
Said teen outgrew his scout sash.  Guess who gets to re-sew all the patches on?  

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Brandi said...

You sound like me, Gina! My husband loves to run to the grocery store almost everyday. I, on the other hand would rather use up what we have in the house before I make another trip. Some of my best meals have come for this.

Date nights with your husband sound fun. I love shopping in Whole Foods too, but they can be so expensive. What card game do you play? My husband and I love Gin Rummy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Sewing!!


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