Monday, April 7, 2014

Mealplan Monday #105 and touches of Easter

I spend a fair amount of time at my house doing drudge and chores.  So, when I get a chance to pretty something up, it's like getting a vacay!  Something happens when I'm in that creative zone.  I whistle or sing, I talk out loud to the cat, I feel happy.  And I feel a little house-proud when I am done making something beautiful.
I just added a few sprigs of spring to the china cabinet, along with several bunnies.  I spy 5 bunnies, can you? I didn't buy anything new here, just used stuff I already had.
 I plopped a grapevine and silk forsythia wreath down on the table with a runner I bought on clearance at Target, then added the candle with burlap from Fall.  So lazy.  Yet, so pretty.
 I added a forsythia branch to the Home Goods vase with some green excelsior and another couple of doodads.  Boom. Mantel done.
Monday - (Freezer) Chicken and Rice Casserole, salad
Tuesday - Ham and Cheese Party Rolls, canned soup
Wednesday - Pasta with Sausage and Chard, carrots
Thursday - Salsa Verde Chicken and Dumplings, corn
Friday - Crock Pot BBQwiches, chips, Big as Yo Face Cookies*
Saturday - Kitchen Closed!
Sunday - Chicken Pot Pie, salad
Dessert this week (besides the cookies) will be Vanilla Wafer Cake
*These are just homemade chocolate chip cookies that are a little on the large side...when my kids were little they thought the bigger the cookie, the better!
 My thrift store bunny from a couple years ago...
I tossed the pinecones  in my thrift store wire basket and added some new blooms I had a coupon for, with some old blooms from my stash.  This bit of creativity was a reward for blowing out 4 1/2 bags of leaves from the red rocks in the back yard.  Whew!
One of the sweet gift shop bunnies from last year - there are four in all, cause four is my lucky number!  Next week I will plan the Easter menu - I will be off and I cannot wait to get to go to church and spend the day with my family!

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