Friday, April 25, 2014

5 thing Friday - new beginnings, good and bad, sussies, and intentions...

A couple of weeks ago, my half-sister's daughter got married.  I didn't make the wedding, but from the looks of it, it was lovely.  They are a sweet couple and I wish them all the best things in life.  I hope they can forgive me for not attending, and I hope I can forget them being angry with me over it.
My heart to you is given,
oh do give yours to me;
We'll lock them up together
And throw away the key.
-F. Saunders
 Does buying and eating kale on a regular basis...
 ...make up for all the desserts I've been making?  'Cause people here don't consider a meal finished, unless a sweet is served at the end.  And no, fruit doesn't count for them.  (the above is a Boston Cream Pie Poke cake)
 Everyone loves E. Bunny.  Even co-workers. 
And how thankful I am that I had a day with my dear ones. 
It used to be that keeping a clean house on a regular basis was so important to me that I could not let myself relax at the end of a long day unless the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, the bathrooms and living areas straightened, and the laundry put up.  I still would love all of that to happen daily, but I run out of gas more often than not...and  I've discovered that it can wait, and all will still be well. 

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