Friday, March 21, 2014

Shower ready - not that kind of shower...

A group of us are hosting a shower for a co-worker tonight.  I was in charge of a game, the relish tray, the hot crab dip, and paper goods.  I am also bringing some burlap and a sweet framed print to decorate a little table for the baby book.
Just need to cut up some green onion for my relish dishes and grab the cold stuff.  Do you do this?  Lay it all out to see what's what?
 I bought a storage crate to put her gifts in and I'm thinking she can use it for other things baby-related, too.  Storage for kids' stuff = a good thing.  Her hound dog turned out cute, if not a little wonky - he's imperfectly perfect.
The ditty bag was made with leftover denim.  I ironed a little plane on it and stitched a contrail behind it - ha! It has a number of baby things in it for a guessing game.  Should be fun. I slipped a funny note for Mom-To-Be in the front pocket.
It looks like a mess in here, but I promise I am organized and mostly ready to go!  I still have a doc appointment this morning, a crock pot of stew to start, general housework to do, and a late night lock-in to chaperone for Bubbie.  Better get crackin' on the day...

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