Monday, March 31, 2014

Mealplan Monday #104 and Sic 'em!

On Spring Break we visited The Girl at Baylor.  We had about 30 minutes to kill so we visited the bears.
 Real bears.
Real Baylor bears.
Apparently it was their nap time and they wouldn't budge, even though I called "Here kitty,kitty,kitty".
What?  Bears don't respond to that?  A sign I saw (after I called them) said don't be loud and keep your limbs to yourself...Oh.  Moving right along...
 Even in very early Spring, the campus is lovely.  And so empty of people.  So unlike UT.  Baylor virtually dries up when classes are not in session.
Monday - (freezer) Mongolian Crock Pot Beef, mashed potatoes, peas
Tuesday - Chili Mac, corn
Wednesday - Calamity Chicken, brussels sprouts
Thursday - Crock pot of beans, cornbread
Friday - Pot Roast, scalloped potatoes
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - (freezer) Sausage Pasta Bake, garlic toast
Dessert is a pie of some sort...haven't decided yet.
 Pat Neff Hall
 Bubbie contemplating college?
 No.  He was figuring out if he should hop on over to the other side of this huge, dry drainage ditch.  At least that's what I think it is...and he did.
 Pretty campus.  I'm glad we were able to help her get to the university of her choice.  I know she will treasure her time here.
So glad April is just about here!
It puts us closer to Summer when she will be home for the last time...

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