Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dr. Pepper Museum

The boys and I enjoyed a lazy afternoon one day last week for Spring Break...remember Spring Break?  It was great!  Sleeping in, eating out, having fun.  I can't believe it's over.  *Sniff*...I'm sure they feel the same way!
 We visited The Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco.  The boys had been a couple times before, But I hadn't.  There are a few places like this in Waco - and they are all about $6-7 a head.  Pricey, compared to what my kids and I normally do.  We like free....
 But I love visiting museums!  And we had a couple of hours to kill until The Girl got off work.
This is one of the original wells that supplied the water for the soda.  It was weird to look that far down into the earth.  In fact, the whole museum had some nice things to read and look at - who knew soda could be so interesting?
Dr. Pepper is Scout's fav soda. And I had a good time looking at everything.
 I love wood floors and staircases.  This is the view down on the fountain shoppe.
Hi, Scout!  Thanks for being the kid who I can count on to always pose, no matter if we are in public or not.  Such a sweet guy!  Probably 'cause he's a Pepper...
We sat in the fountain shoppe and drank some Dr. Pepper floats.  Ironically, the computer system was down and we only had plastic (who carries cash anymore?!)  So our treats ended up being gratis.
It's sad to think that the days of me taking my kiddos on these jaunts and field trips are slowing to a stop.  I will miss that so much...until I can kidnap my grandchildren and continue the fun...

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