Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Firstborn turns 24

On Sunday I got off a little early so we could cook up a great birthday meal for Firstborn.  His request was for ribs and jalapeno poppers on the grill.  Can do!  He worked all weekend, same as me.  I miss the days of big birthday parties with my kids and lots of little friends, but I love these times at home with them, too.
I fixed baked potatoes with the works, a big salad,  and a chocolate cake to go with the grilled stuff.  I have a neat trick for getting big fat candles to stay on the cake properly.  I didn't make this up, but I forget where I found this tip.  I've been doing it for years...
I simply push a toothpick into the base of the candle.  
Twenty Four.  2.4.  How in the world did that happen?!
This is him on his first birthday...what a cutie!
I kept the cake super simple - Firstborn is not a fancy sort of guy.
I spiffed up the kitchen table for us to eat dessert after dinner.  It was going to be too chilly on the patio by nightfall...
It's hard for me to get that he's 24.  I still see him as my curly haired angel baby.  No matter how big and burly he gets, he will always be my baby...sniff...
He got some much-needed jeans, cash, and a bag of treats he can't afford to buy for himself!
 The after-gift-opening entertainment was throwing tissue paper for the cat to play in..
(don't eat it, Sugie!)
 ...and cake with ice cream.
Birthdays are over so fast...

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Marie said...

It seems like yesterday Spencer was a little guy! He has grown up to a fine man and I know how you feel...sniff! It goes by all too fast! ;)


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