Monday, January 13, 2014

Mealplan Monday #93 and Gus

I went to Brenham last Friday to help my mother by changing out her smoke detector batteries and cleaning her ceiling fans.  Yes, a whole visit devoted to that.  It took me a couple of hours, because we kept having to stop and discuss the projects she is currently working on.
When I think of my mother's house I see quilts and oriental rugs among all kinds of other mayhem..  A strange and wonderfully colorful combo.  Kinda like my mother.
Gus was allowed to go outside, even tho it was raining, so he wouldn't be underfoot.
Monday - Turkey Lazy Daisy Meatballs, rice, salad
Tuesday - Freezer meal - Sausage and Beans, cornbread or garlic bread
Wednesday -Skillet pasta meal, salad or freezer veggie
Thursday - Chicken thighs with butternut squash, green beans
Friday - Pizza and salad
Saturday -YOYO
Sunday - BBQ Rib Dinner for Firstborn's birthday!
Dessert this week is Firstborn's birthday cake on Sunday, but also maybe some sweet treat during the week...we'll see.
*I have about $19 in coupons this week!*
My reward for doing maintenance was to get taken to a fried oyster lunch at her favorite restaurant.  Yum!  But first, the Princess Dog, Gus, must have his muddy paws hand-washed in water heated in a teakettle.  Good Night Nurse.  That dog is just pure spoilage. He is pretty much her only companion and he is faithful and loving.
 I'm glad she has him to keep her company...
who doesn't worry that their elderly parent might be lonely?

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Yes,A partner is very important.


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