Friday, September 13, 2013

Tourist in our town - downtown views

I'd want to dedicate a whole blog post to Zilker Park (again) - my kids and I have gone there every Summer and other times of the year, too.  It's a fav place to snap some nature pics.  But here's more from another of our hot and sweaty photo jaunts, and we went to two downtown parks that day:
 The Clubhouse at Zilker- a brief respite from the heat and a lot of info about Barton Springs.
 The Girl has lifeguarded here a time or two - the water is absolutely bone-chilling cold and perfect on a 100 degree plus day!
 They were cleaning that day, so there are no swimmers on this side of the springs.
Tracks from the Zilker Zephyr - a hot and sweaty ride around the park in a tiny "train".  Fun for little kids and no one else.  Nice scenery, tho.
Just a couple blocks away is Butler Park:
 It has a splash pad - which my kids are a little old for, but I will be filing it away for future use...
Next to it is the Dougherty Arts Center - check that out here.  I would like to go back and check out all the cool stuff happening there sometime soon!  
I miss Summer, but it's still 100 degrees on Fall!

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Marie said...

Hi Gina,
so much fun to see Austin pics...i will be visiting your part of the world at the end of October...can't wait! :)


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