Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zilker in the Spring

I hope all of the folks who don't love the beauty that is Austin don't stay here...
More for me.
I know that sounds harsh, but I am tired of hearing people poop on being here.  
If you don't love it here, go.
And don't come to Zilker Botanical Gardens.
Why, hello Mr. Photographer!  You look like Scout...
Yes, Central Texas weather is HOT.  
Yes, we are having a drought.  
Get over it.
There is so much beauty to be found in these little pockets of Austin.
Especially in the Spring...
I would rank this city as the loveliest place I have ever lived.  
Not that I'm any kind of world traveler....
But, my family is here, and I have had such a lovely life here.  I chose to move here because I wanted to be here. Go where you will be happy, but bloom where you are planted!

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