Monday, July 1, 2013

Projects done - is it already July?!

Seems like last week flew by and after reviewing my To Do list I discovered that I actually made progress.  Go me!  Bubbie, The Girl, and I aren't going to cook this week.  At all.  Just going to continue enjoying our summer, and getting some stuff done.  Like last week's progress on the patio, and spiffing up his desk.
 Firstborn had outgrown this long ago but it's just the right size for Bubbie's room.  I paid around a little over $100 a few years ago for a solid wood bookcase headboard, nightstand, dresser, and desk. Not a bad deal for solid wood furniture.
 The desk just needed some touch up with satin finish black spray paint.
 I added a red placemat for the laptop to sit on.  Theres a lot of black in this room, but it's well-lit.  Eventually we will get that bookcase headboard painted and in here.
 Some stuff got moved around on the walls and I steam-cleaned the carpets.
 On to other projects...

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Michelle said...

Nice job ! It looks great.


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