Friday, December 7, 2012

Need new shades in here!

How ridiculous is this?
A broken cellular shade that is resting on VHS tapes to let a little light in.  OK, both if those things are ridiculous, but at least the VHS tapes function.
Propping it is the only way to let light in the middle window in the den.  And we have lived with it like this for a couple months.  Actually there are quite a few projects like this to be done around the house.
That's the way it is with some things.  If you see them daily, they disappear.  And once the holidays start it's hard to get them resolved.  But fix it, I will, since I am about done with Christmas shopping for my peeps, and everyone else.  I'm thinking I would like bamboo or wicker-looking blinds to break up all the beige and cream in this room.  
Whatcha think?


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Wicker or bamboo would be nice, and also be a nice texture to add to the room too! Have a lovely weekend Gina! Angie xo

Marie said...

Oh boy have I had to make do over the years...we have to be creative some times. What ever you choose will be perfect. You have a lovely home! xo <3


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